About Us

As of 2019, we are part of the Cerved Group, the first entirely Italian Solution Consulting group. Our skills in strategy, transformation and research can provide enterprises with sustainable, state-of-the-art and concrete end-to-end solutions.

Being part of Cerved Group, Italian leading information provider, allows us to assess data from various ecosystems  business and provide innovative  “data – driven” solutions to our clients.

This represents the furthest frontier of advisory services.We have always considered Sustainability to be a key success factor for companies. Our name reflects this belief: MBS – Management for Business Sustainability. We design growth strategies, organisational models and all other clients’ initiatives by integrating sustainability criteria into our solutions.


MBS is a long-standing consulting firm: it counts over 30 years of experience and more than 100 professionals consultants or researchers. We are a close-knit group, in which different origins, skills and aptitudes represent a resource for the team as a whole and for our clients.

MBS Consulting was founded in 1987 by Roberto Fantino, an aerospace engineer with extensive experience in multinational companies and consulting firms. His vision was to make strategic consulting projects an “actual steer to transformation” for enterprises, focusing both on technical solutions and change management processes. His intuition has long been proven correct and, over the past thirty years, the growth of human resources, skills and customers has been steady. 

Enea Dallaglio and Maurizio Valsecchi led the creation of Innovation Team in 2013, a hub of innovative skills, tools and methods dedicated to the research, strategic positioning of enterprises and markets monitoring.

In recent years, MBS became a partner in  The Transformation Alliance, a network of European consulting firms with a common vision on how to deliver consulting projects.

In 2019, MBS joined the Cerved Group and thus complemented its own value proposition to the market, with a wealth of data, new methods and solutions to support a new and increasingly “data-driven” advisory model.

In 2021 MBS acquires REF-E, a research and consulting company with over 20 years of experience in the energy and utilities sector. MBS becomes a point of reference for companies in this sector and for all stakeholders interested by energy transition.



Strategic vision

As markets change at an increasing speed and the boundaries between traditionally different businesses become less and less clear, companies need to adapt their own decision-making models and operational processes more rapidly.

We support our clients in facing these challenges, by providing what we refer to as Solution Consulting: a proposition that combines the ability to develop a strategic vision and to offer tangible, durable and integrated solutions to sustain their transformation path. Thanks to Cerved Group, we are uniquely positioned in  accessing data ecosystems, new assets and capabilities to develop digital solutions.

Solution consulting represents the natural evolution of MBS’s vision oriented towards: “Make things happen” and actively support the companies to achieve results that are sustainable over time.


Professionalism and commitment

Anyone who joins our team accepts our guiding values and applies them in daily activities.

  • We prioritise our clients’s interests and those of all their stakeholders. Starting from a position of independence, we offer all our competencies to obtain the best result for clients.
  • We work to ensure that the return on the investments in our services is always consistent and long-lasting.
  • We are committed to developing the professional potential of the people we work with and adjusting our support to the contexts and limitations peculiar to their organisation.
  • We never participate in projects that do not reflect our values in full.

Cooperation and sharing

Working on change management programs that involve many people has led us to understand the importance of proper information sharing within our organisation.

  • Broad governance – At MBS, key decisions are discussed by a broad management team formed of partners and managers. Internal resources, at various levels, are involved in the key internal organisational processes.
  • Transparency – Our employees are always informed about company performance and major operational aspects.
  • Shared value – The salary model we apply combines assessment of individual performance with guarantees and benefits for everyone.

Sustainability and balance

At MBS, we seek sustainability and balance in relations with our employees, our clients and the community as a whole.

  • Employees’ professional and personal life balance – Although the work we do requires a great deal of effort, we consider the successful balance of our employees’ professional and personal lives to be our top priority.
  • Sustainability impact for clients – In order to ensure long-term results of our business solutions, we carefully assess and improve the impacts of the projects in terms of sustainability for our clients and their various stakeholders.
  • Social responsibility – We use Group resources to bolster the national economy, the territory and the community.


Our Group

Cerved has been helping firms, banks and financial operators to protect themselves against risk and to achieve sustainable growth for over 40 years. 

In recent years, Cerved has been assisting the system in disposing of non-performing loans through the Credit Management unit and offering credit rating and debt issuance assessment through the Cerved Rating Agency.

Thanks to unique wealth of data and a data-driven approach, our Group can provide services, digital platforms and consulting to continuously support enterprise in incoming challenges related to risk management and business  growth.