We are Friends besides Colleagues

A group of people working together on challenging projects, with creativity and first hand exposure, becomes a small community day after day.
This is how new traditions and shared customs blossom at MBS Consulting; we commit ourselves and participate in common initiatives, and we still find the time to have fun at it.

This page refers to what - other than working routine - we like to share and do together.

RETREAT 2013: an experience told by one of us


As always at this time of the year, MBS is ready to go. Only this time not to reach our clients but we are running towards its most anticipated event: the staff retreat!
“Retreat” means many things for MBS, but most of all it represents a different chance to be all together outside the everyday working routine. Pleasure and duty find their common ground on this occasion. It represents an important moment of our company’s life where reconciling work and pleasure becomes possible.