Lasting relationships

Over the years many colleagues and friends have undertaken new paths after MBS.
In general, these kind of pages is called “alumni” or “what they say about us”, but at MBS Consulting we like to build relationships more than contracts – bonds and friendships that last even when the our working experience together ends, whatever the reason may be. In thanking those who have worked with us, we collect their memories and experiences with us.

Once part of our team


Matteo Micheli

E-Commerce Project Supervisor – The Level Group

What makes MBS different? The people who are part of it. It is thanks to them that every day in the last two years passed so quickly, despite the workload. Whenever I needed help, suggestions


Pasquale Dell’Olio

Consultant – Keras Strategy Srl

I spent three years at MBS, three years of intense and rich emotions. MBS for me was really a big family who has accepted me from day one, a freshly graduate student, and offered me the opportunity


Alessandro Forgione

Consultant – Studio Forgione

It is hard to sum up these three years in few lines, sometimes words aren’t able to describe the many moments we shared together! First of all I’d like to say THANKS TO ALL OF YOU, I am sure I’ll take with me a piece of

Alessandro Benini

Asia-Pacific Area Manager – Mondial Forni SpA

I’ll start by saying thank you. It is actually a pair of thank yous. Firstly I’d like to thank who gave me the opportunity to join this company, to grow professionally, and provided me with tools, methodology and all other consultant paraphernalia.

Cristina Colombo


Working for MBS gave me the opportunity to work not only with colleagues but also with friends and you will always remain a part of me. Working with you has been a real opportunity to grow and collaborate with professionals

Daniela Trocchia

Financial Planning – Leroy Merlin Italia

It is understandable to evaluate the quality of an experience according to the level of professional growth you achieve: with MBS I grew especially on the personal level.

Danilo Ignazzi

Head of Insurance Development – Generali Group SpA

SMALL BUT GREAT. When I was asked to write a few words about my experience at MBS this was the first thought that came to my mind. SMALL if you consider its size compared to a number of competitors which we often read about

Federico Volpi

Marketing and Merchandising Manager – Office Depot Italia

I worked at MBS for a short but intense period of time in the first office (Via Tarchetti). I’ve never again learnt so much and I met excellent people that I had the privilege to remain friends with. At the time we were a small group and having followed its growth has been a real pleasure for me!

Federico Spada

Entrepreneur – Spada Pubblicità Srl

To MBS Young: thanks guys, you’re amazing! Because you are generous, you never give up and you were able to create that beautiful atmosphere of friendship, laughter and happiness! So for our ability to enjoy life even after working very intensely for days and weeks!

Francesco Hugony

Product Manager on-line Poker – Sisal Matchpoint SpA

MBS is like an artisan boutique, where skilled professionals work closely together. It is essential to rely on each other, share the craft art, embrace the challenge. Working with MBS teaches and transmits, in a totally unique way,

Giorgio Aurnia

Director Consulting – Gartner Group

I’m a proud MBS former consultant and I still feel a deep sense of belonging to the great MBS family. I lived through the start-up phase of the company that represented for me a unique training field. There I have learnt the trade tricks

Giorgio Ceresi

Energy and Sustainability Manager – Generali Group

I had the pleasure to work at MBS for roughly four years during which I had the opportunity to appreciate not only the people’s competence, but even more the company’s organisational model that values the internal resources

Giovanfilippo Paiella

Commercial Manager – UnipolSai

I left MBS, after six very intense years. I take away a wealth of experience and memories whose remarkable weight is testament to how important it was for me to work for this company. When you make choices like changing a job

Giovanni Grazioli

Kaiser Associates Int. (London, UK)

MBS offered me the chance to work on high profile projects since the beginning: I still remember the amazement I felt when, aged 21, I was asked to meet the investment director of one of Italy’s largest asset management and retail banking providers

Giuseppe Valli

Financial Controller – Industrie CBI S.P.A.

MBS gives you the opportunity to put to the test and cultivate your intellect, determination and interpersonal skills; nonetheless its best quality isn’t the professional growth that offers you, but it is its people, the harmony between colleagues:

Ilaria De Micheli


A new week has just started, someone in a few hours will wake up to catch a plane, other will have a train to catch or others will simply take underground. I know that I won’t be going to piazza Missori with my inseparable bike today …

Lidia Lucotti

Marketing Manager – Bipiemme Insurance

Today’s my last day at MBS! I’m going to match each one of you to a good or fun memory that I’d like to share with all of you.. People and memories as I encountered them in my professional life at MBS

Lisa Praticò

Founder – Elle Creative Boutique. Communication, Marketing & Events

I’ve spent 4 years at MBS; it’s beyond a reality for professional growth, it’s also a small family with strong values based on sharing and respect for people.

Luca Clara

Vice President, Strategic Planning & Controlling – BSI

There are environments that allow you to reach the peak of your potential, to prove yourself, to know your limitations and skills, to learn and grow beyond any expectation, to confront everyday with talented professionals, be them business analysts or old partners.

Luca Belogi

Director, International Business Division – Arena Italia SpA

I’ve spent 7 years at MBS, very meaningful and intense both professionally and on a personal level. With great pleasure I recall a great group of colleagues and friends, an ideal working place to learn and grow and where it’s easy to take responsibilities

Luigi Cacace

CRM Ray-Ban Director – Luxottica Group

MBS has been a true business school: many ( bloody many 😀 ) work hours, many precious teachings and, as in any school worthy of the name, a lot of laughs.

Mario Riccò

Head of Global Claims – Generali Group

MBS reconciles qualities that do not easily coexist: professionalism that is put on projects, reliability in managing professional growth of the people, informality and frankness between members of the same team, transparency and shared values

Massimo Tucci

Founder – Barney Comunicazione

Working at MBS makes you professionally strong and prepared, and if you then decide to take a different path, as they say in a movie, sometimes you get the feeling that “outside it’s a little bit colder”.

Mattia Floriani

Representative, BSI

My first professional experience… the certainty of having learnt a lot in 3 years and a half as part of a team formed by professionals but overall by friends…. in a familiar environment which is hard to forget.

Michele Quaglia

Network Director – Reale Mutua

MBS is a magical place in which it’s possible to grow professionally, personally and in some cases also “familiarly” – Professionally: all consultancy firms provides their consultants with timings, methodology and enlarged knowledge; in MBS

Nancy Di Giovambattista


Here I am… with a new road to take. When somebody hits a new path, sometimes it’s easy to look back to check if you are satisfied with what has been achieved so far and if there’s enough energy to start over again. I am satisfied with the road

Nicola Sbano

Marketing Manager – Banca Popolare di Bari

As they say on these occasions: 2 words are not enough and 4 are too many, so I’ve chosen 3 for MBS. MBS for me represents concreteness, complicity and friendship (I couldn’t come up with anything else with c, so deal with that)

Nino Raspagliesi

MBA Candidate – Kellogg School of Management

And here I am trying to explain what my experience at MBS has been. Over these years, other than learning “the job” growing professionally and personally, I have matured two types of awareness that will be the foundation for my future

Simone Marinesi

Assistant Professor in Operations Management – Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Take different experiences as a journey with friends, a lab experiment and an applied economics class at college. What do they have all in common? Maybe nothing. But if you put them together, than you will understand the spirit of MBS.

Vanessa Recinella

Statistical Consultant – FAO

There’s many of us out there, of different age and profession, trying to figure out what our talents are. There is no formula to change, create and find the ideal job but the answers are right there along the way, and MBS for me has been a real school