At MBS, commitment and determination always produce results and we encourage growth through personalised training paths.

Each year, we provide both specific training sessions path tailored to the needs of every individual and overarching contents for all consultants. 

Business Analyst

Your objective as a Business Analyst is to consolidate your technical expertise. You will participate in genuine full-immersion sessions on the core topics for our daily activity. In an informal context based on sharing and aggregation, you will have the opportunity to learn by interacting with managers and partners, and to discover first-handly the complexities of management consulting, by testing yourself in group exercises and practical tests.


Your objective as an Associate is to consolidate both hard and soft skills needed to excel in the role. Your training needs will be analysed with the contribution of the senior colleagues, who have coached you since your debut. Once your actual needs have been identified, you will be directed on a specific growth path that will support you to reach the next stage of your career.


Your objective as a Manager is to consolidate decision-making skills, in order to outperform in a role of great responsibility and leadership: managers play a key role in sustaining our young talents and in relationship management with the stakeholders on the client side. You will increasingly shift from a team coaching logic towards a personalized training centred on your own characteristics.

You will also have access to a wide catalogue of courses organised by our sister firms. The Transformation Alliance organises initiatives and training throughout Europe (London, Munich, Paris, Stockholm, for example), where you will have the chance to share experiences and best practices with your international colleagues.

Listening is a priority for us and that is why we encourage all colleagues to propose new training opportunities.

Welfare and benefit

The work of a business consultant can be interesting and extremely stimulating. A pleasant environment where people are at ease is as important as keeping enthusiasm and a proactive approach; therefore we do our best to ensure that everyone can keep a healthy and well-balanced life, by devoting strong attention to welfare and benefits.

  • Smart working: we adopt agile working methods with respect to the specific needs of our consultants.
  • Flexible career paths: we do our best to meet needs of our people, in order to assess whether to suspend the professional path for extended leave or sabbaticals.
  • Welfare: we offer a significant financial bonus to be spent on welfare services for consultants and their family.


  • Welfare: we increase financial bonus on welfare services for new parents.
  • We assist new mothers and new fathers in their return to work, guaranteeing flexible working hours and limited business travel.
  • Health and casualty insurance: we have created an “MBS insurance coverage package” designed for every need and extended to cover the employee’s family.
  • Office and leisure: we provide a break area with snacks, beverages and relaxation areas available to all, in order to enjoy a break inside our offices and recharge batteries.
  • Company car: we offer our senior consultants the use of a company car for combined use at work and at home.