MBS, the first consultancy in the Forum

Forum for Sustainable Finance is an ONG whose mission is to promote sustainable finance in the Italian market.
This association is part of Eurosif, the European Sustainable Investment Forum, and pursues its mission through a multi-stakeholder approach: the active participation of its members is also open to other actors and so to those who have interests that are influenced by the financial investment sector.


  • Spreading information and knowledge
  • Elaborating innovative proposals to operators, financial consumers and policy makers
  • Cultural growth and ability enhancement among financial sector professionals
  • Promoting dialogue among stakeholders


  • Promoting and realizing studies, researches and surveys
  • Organising conventions, workshops, seminars, trainings and other cultural events
  • Lobbying
  • Books, pamphlets, magazines and articles promotion
  • Launch and participation in information campaigns

With its activities the Forum aims to the demand side (private and institutional investors), the offer side (financial institution) and the intermediaries (consultants and sales networks), with the goal of increasing the volume of investment assets with responsibility standard and expand the effectiveness of this practice. Social responsible investment is for the Forum an instrument to affect the economy and make it more coherent with the sustainability principles for development.

With this in mind MBS became partner of the Forum because we believed and we still believe is our responsibility and commitment to search for balance between all the components that gravitate around an economic institution.