MBS values

The main values on which MBS Consulting is based are:



Being professional at MBS means taking on responsibilities::

  • We commit ourselves to offer our client a contribution with higher value compared to our fees.
  • We take and independent position regarding the project we are involved in prioritising the client’s interests and those of every stakeholder.
  • We make the most of managers competence and all other assets with whom we work, committing ourselves to understand contexts and restrictions in which they work.
  • We decline to be involved in projects that won’t let us respect our values.


We work with our clients structures managing large change processes that always involve a significant number of people. This value of sharing also finds concrete application in the way we have organized our society:

  • Widespread governance – key decisions are discussed in a wide team made of partners and managers. Internal resources, at different levels, are also involved in the main management issues.
  • Constant transparency – periodic involvement of all employees on company progress and main management topics.
  • Shared value – evaluation process that integrates “mutualistic” elements with individual performances.


At MBS we seek sustainability and balance following three main guidelines:

  • Internal management – Even though our work often requires a lot of effort, we believe that every consultant has to find a balance between work and private life.
  • Clients relationship – to grant long term sustainability of business solutions for our clients we evaluate and make the most of the benefits created for all different stakeholders (multi-stakeholder model).
  • Contribution to Society– MBS capabilities are made available for social business projects.