Supply processes efficiency


MBS and the Transformation Alliance have developed over the years a shared methodology, established in dozens of case studies in different industries, which guarantees saving solutions in a short time.


  • Assessment tool designed to quickly identify all saving opportunities
  • Expansive approach that encompasses all areas of the supply chain: demand optimisation, improving management and supplier relationship, compliance and internal cross-functional cooperation
  • Identification of shared solutions through cross-functional workshops involving all units that have an impact on cost
  • Actions and savings benchmark by product category to support workshop for solutions identification


The bottom-up and inter-functional approach guarantees a high percentage of success and sustainability of the solutions because:

  • Optimizes the trade-off between savings and risk of impacts on the quality of products, services and business processes
  • Promotes management commitment, a fundamental element in the solutions implementation


This approach can be used in all business areas, with particular focus on indirect costs. The method is quite effective in business environments where there is a low culture of cost control and where a significant share of supply is not manned by a Group purchasing department.

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