Bottom-up industrial planning


MBS developed a specific expertise in the development of bottom-up industrial plans. This kind of industrial plans take advantage of wide management involvement (top and middle) in order to identify key actions, evaluate outcomes and plan activities.


  • Workshop with top management to define the plan guidelines
  • Work partition in vertical and cross-functional clusters to involve the broader company base in developing key contents
  • Outcome evaluation for every action taken based on measurable KPI; top-down target reconciliation with bottom-up evaluation
  • Multi-stakeholder approach to evaluate effects and outcomes on every stakeholder involved in the industrial plan (shareholders, employees, suppliers, local community, …)
  • A continuous and structured communication plan to engage the company, communicate main contents and evaluate results during implementation
  • Monitoring tool for ongoing works and obtained results


The Bottom-up approach applied to the industrial plan increases its chances of success:

  • It develops credible actions and quality results thanks to the whole management involvement
  • Makes the management feel responsible for the final result, through its involvement during the decision making, outcomes evaluation and activity planning
  • Takes into consideration all stakeholders involved/affected during implementation


This approach can be used in every business sector and with all companies.

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