Improvement plans for operational performance


LABO approach, designed by our sister firm Kea is characterized by the high engagement of the client’s resources. It is particularly effective to support organisational change processes or to improve performances.


  • Identification of the most effective ways to implement an organisational change or to achieve a strategic goal of the company (eg. increasing sales performance, improving the customer care…)
  • Bottom-up approach that involves a deep engagement of the client’s departments (planning, pilot test, release). With this approach all involved subjects become protagonists of the change, defining intervention proposals
  • Involvement of the client’s structures through progressive planning waves and implementation of solutions
  • Experimentation “try and error” in the day by day activity to practically validate the solution adopted
  • Top management commitment fundamental to engage with the department involved


This approach leads to the creation of effective solutions that allow the company to reach real and long lasting results through the active participation and subsequent commitment of the departments involved, which, once correctly motivated and directed, could identify the best solutions considering the company goals and environment.


The LABO approach is quite flexible and can be applied successfully to implement measures of performance improvement, for example of commercial networks (bank branches, retail outlets, financial advisers, insurances), or to accompany organizational restructuring such as integrations processes in complex companies.

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