Cross sector experience

At MBS Consulting we transfer cross sector competencies: large consulting groups are often organized by practice; this kind of organization, while it favors a strong specialization by business sector, on the other hand does not allow a “cross fertilizationbetween sectors and experiences. In our vision it is our Client’s company prerogative to provide the project with the right set of business competencies; the value creation of a professional and external intervention, other than methodological contribution, must be found in providing qualifying experience acquired in other business sectors.

We do not believe in radical specialization by business sector. We believe instead that our consultants’ multi sectoral expertise ensures our Clients’ companies a broader and integrated vision of experiences, approaches and different tools: a very significant added value.




EXAMPLES / Managed savings and Asset Management

Post merger integration:

  • Definition of master plan and integration plan, project management and reporting for Steering Committee
  • Redesigning of company processes (focus on Front/Middle/Back Office)
  • Redefining organisational structure and resources sizing
  • Designing and implementation of rewards system and staff evaluation
  • Management of cost reduction programmes
  • Client analysis and segmentation
  • Redefinition of commercial offer (property and fund management)
  • Strategy definition for non-captive clients (retail and institutional)
  • Communication processes management: internal (unions, staff, distribution channels, group leader, …) and external (clients, Surveillance Groups, Press, …)
  • Carrying out of Personal Financial Planning

Start-up of savings management company:

  • Creating business model and business plan
  • Identification of legal procedures and necessary authorisations
  • Design of organisation and processes (investment, commercial, internal controls, …)
  • Identification of IT architecture
  • Search for external partners

EXAMPLES / Banking

Development of wealth management model:

  • Industrial plan for group and for network
  • Wealth management model
  • Revision of Organisational Structure for head office and network
  • Creation of Product Management and Personal Financial Planning units
  • Redefinition of commercial offer
  • Branch spin-off and company development
  • Re-examination of Financial Management
  • Operational optimisation (outsourcing of activities) of distribution network

Development of industrial plan:

  • Industrial plan and plan for branches
  • Design and implementation of new network organisational model
  • Design and implementation of rewards system for Head Office and network
  • BPR main company processes (credit, finance, …)

EXAMPLES / Insurance

Continuative support in damages and personal finance sectors:

  • Reduction in agency management costs in a network of 1,300 outlets
  • Drawing up of business plan and support in creating a bancassurance operation for damages products
  • Revision of management control system for liquidations network
  • Creation of efficiency improvement tools and formation of liquidations network
  • Planning of incentives schemes for marketing and liquidations network
  • Support in evaluating and developing numerous business partnerships
  • Support in starting up a company for B2B sales of financial products
  • Planning and support in starting up a brokerage company to allow dealings in financial products
  • Planning and development of a value-based management system based on EVA
  • Study of innovative products and charges in the auto sector linked to the use of positioning technology and telecommunications

Development of a Bancassurance partnership in the damages sector:

  • Development of business model and business plan
  • Definition of company strategy for new venture
  • Support during negotiations
  • Management of integrated work groups
  • Definition of product range
  • Planning of recruitment operational processes and support to sales network
  • Creation of an incentives scheme for commercial network

Development of a Group Tableau de Bord (TdB):

  • Identification of management priorities
  • Identification and coding of control parameters on priorities
  • Planning of Tableau de Bord number Ø
  • Construction of management control process
  • Starting use of TdB and analysis of deviations
  • Development of plan for making process fully operational and for control tool updating system


Support in selling a technological platform:

  • Evaluation of potential impact of the platform on energy business
  • Development of commercial offer
  • Support during negotiations/closing deal
  • Support in defining an agreement regarding the joint marketing of the solution throughout the energy sector

Creation of a new business unit for a company in the TLC sector:

  • Strategic evaluation of advisability of entering into new business
  • Drawing up of business plan to evaluate attractiveness
  • Development of main operational and management activities necessary for creation of business unit: designing organisational structure, support for recruiting resources, designing main management systems, training resources, development of initial marketing plan
  • Executive reporting to the parent company on progress and critical states of development and execution


Entry strategy in food service sector / large-scale retailing::

  • Evaluation of strategic alternatives and alliance policies
  • Definition of supply portfolio and commercial policy for each market segment
  • Revision of organisational model, to cover Italian and European markets
  • Business plan

Support for development in the avicultural and baking sector::

  • Definition of large-scale retailing development strategy
  • Understanding of interventions to improve logistics
  • Organisational adjustment
  • Revision of Key accounting structure and commercial processes


Offer and strategy:

  • Multi-stakeholder support to Industrial Plan design
  • Strategic reorientation for a leading Italian utility company:
    – Definition of portfolio strategy (customer segments, new sales channels, offer)
    – Redesign of business models, with high focus on organization by market segment and definition of new territorial coverage
    – Identification of key behind-the-meter services and business plan development
    – Business evaluation of a sales division
  • Development of partnership strategy within utility companies for an installation producer:
    – Identification of possible synergies and cost-benefit analysis (CBA)
    – Selection and design of joint development actions
    – Overall coordination of the implementation phase
    – Support to negotiation with partners
    – Design of processing campaign of heating systems from oil to natural gas
  • Evaluation, for a main Italian utility company, of entry options in facility management and energy sector

Organization :

  • Support to a post merger integration in Italy for a primary global player:
    – Design of organizational structure, quali-quantitative dimensioning and macro-processes of staff and commercial functions
  • Redesign and optimization of sales process in the Italian division of a primary global player

Performance improvement :

  • Design of a new credit collection model for a former municipalized utility:
    – Design of organizational structure, responsibility allocation, processes and scoring system
  • Crash program for credit collection and working capital reduction (power and water)
  • Cost reduction plan for sales and generations divisions in Italy of a primary global player
    – Design and support to action implementation, with 10% of operative cost savings
    – Design of organizational optimization interventions (micro-organization, tools improvement, dimensioning and training program for the procurement division)
  • Enhancing strategy for gas grid:
    – Financial and business evaluation of a gas grid in support to the unbundling function
    – Design of investment prioritization system on the electrical grid
    – Evaluation of cost synergies between physical grids (electrical, water and gas)
    – Economic evaluation of combined cycle plants in Eastern Europe
    – Support to the evaluation of a tolling agreement

EXAMPLES / Consumer durable and semi durable goods

Restructuring in the production industry:

  • Reduction in indirect structures
  • Company reorganisation
  • Revision of operational programming processes
  • Revision of planning systems and product development

Redefinition of industrial area:

  • General diagnostics
  • Redefinition of production processes
  • Redefinition of operational programming criteria and methods
  • Revision of planning processes and product development
  • Rationalisation of product content
  • Operational and methodological support in development of product range plan
  • Value analysis and reduction in indirect structures

EXAMPLES / Logistics

Creation of crash program for improving logistics performance:

  • Reduction in logistics costs on the whole outlets network
  • Efficiency recovery programme for company functions/units
  • Design of new centralised logistics model

Cost Reduction in the logistics sector:

  • Identification of service levels required by the market
  • Definition of reduction methods: optimisation of distribution costs
  • Revision of logistics flows by defining new programming criteria
  • Identification of discount policies and incentives for sales staff aimed at achieving company targets (MBO)

EXAMPLES / Automotive

Revision of industrial logistics model:

  • Materials management: calculation of net requirements, stock types and levels, delivery frequency, control criteria and supplier evaluation
  • New product development: project status audit, pre-engineering and engineering, management of modifications and their impact on logistics model

Evaluation of company and definition of a plan for value increase:

  • Quantification of company’s as is value
  • Definition of value increase through development in Italy and abroad
  • Definition of target value
  • Development of interventions for increasing value

EXAMPLES / Engineering

Rationalisation of group organisation, focusing on strategic activities and greater responsibility for results:

  • Definition of strategic business and formulation of group into business units
  • Designing business units organisational model in cooperation with respective managers
  • Formulation of coordination processes and mechanisms between head office and periphery, and between the various business units
  • Communication and divulgation to management of new model

Regional restructuring plan in the Construction industry:

  • Photographing sector and identification of critical points, axes and intervention priorities
  • Development of plan of interventions for recovery of competitiveness of companies present in the region
  • Analysis of required financial intervention
  • Preparatory study for constitution of a regional register of contractors

Research for energy production methods as alternatives to nuclear technology:

  • Analysis of planning and production technologies
  • Research into expected and potential developments of components at international level
  • Development of proposals for alternative production methods

EXAMPLES / Pubblic bodies and administration

Restructuring of textile and clothing industry for the Ministry of Economic Affairs of a member state of the European Union:

  • Photographing sector and identification of critical points and areas requiring intervention
  • Definition of targets, intervention priorities and evaluation of social and economic impact at national level
  • Development of plan of interventions for recovery of competitiveness of national companies
  • Analysis of financial requirements of intervention
  • Support during kick-off and with turnaround activities of companies involved

Planning of Territorial Pacts model for the Italian Ministry of Treasury:

  • Planning territorial pacts network: structure, roles, processes, systems
  • Planning of a performance evaluation system for pacts: operational and strategic control (economic and social impact)
  • Creation of system and initial application to a set of 61 territorial pacts

Definition of a new organizational model for a research body and regional agencies:

  • Identification of opportunities and needs for improving offerings in area
  • Planning of new organizational model based on central functions, technical units and research centers
  • Implementation and fine-tuning of model and all its components
  • Turnaround management plan