Strategic partnership, JV and acquisition


Developing a proper partnership, JV or acquisition strategy become essential in markets where is more and more complex to compete with a “stand alone” approach – often it is the only way a company can grow and consolidate its market position sharing values and risks. In this context it is key to implement an evaluation process that, once the strategic goals of the company are defined, could evaluate the areas/expertise that need to be strengthened through a partnership system and to start a structured scouting activity to find potential industrial partners. It is also necessary to avoid an opposite route that is choosing partnership/alliances without having defined a clear and solid strategic plan.


  • Definition of competences/assets that need development in order to obtain long-lasting competitive advantages
  • Brainstorming to individuate potential expertises/assets outside the company and evaluation of gaps towards desiderata through workshop with the management
  • Evaluation of “make or buy” options following shared standards on investment, returns probability, time, complexity
  • Selection of potential partners based on the value created by the partnership itself and evaluation of these partners on a value matrix for the company and the partner
  • Informal and swift contact with subject involved to find real interests and break points before starting a more in-depth evaluation process
  • Development of a proposal for value sharing between partners
  • Possibility to support the definition of the partnership all the way to setting the operation rules and integration plan as follows:
    1. As advisor of the ongoing partnership without supporting the negotiation/valorisation process between the parts
    2. As advisor of one of the parts assisting it during the negotiation too


The partnership evaluation process once it is structured and shared at managerial level can channel the company’s effort toward its priorities, managing beforehand potential risks and complexities. Moreover, during the scouting/comparison phase with stakeholders, the process is preliminarily focused on understanding real ambitions and breaking points avoiding risk of sunk costs of time and resources on unfeasible projects.


Togethering is applicable to every sector and business in which collaboration and/or integration between different subjects could develop a competitive and economic advantage greater than the one achievable by those subject individually.

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