Efficient allocation and distribution models, Network Governance


MBS has developed a great deal of experience for planning and managing supply networks on the territory particularly with branches and entrepreneur models.


  • Design of a model for an economically sustainable and competitive store for the entrepreneur and the supply company
  • Store placement coherently with the potential of the micro markets (metropolitan districts, industrial districts, …)
  • Developing trade marketing models to direct the business and optimize network assistance (remuneration and negotiation of mandates/contracts, discount management, assistance, …)
  • Developing multimedia and digital solutions to promote dematerializing the process and mobile sales
  • Reorganization and positioning of the Network Governance as key element within the network transformation process
  • Supplier involvement during the store and assistance planning. Possibility to extend best-practices to different realities in the networks


  • Attention to economic viability for both the company and the store in order to guarantee long-lasting solutions and fitting to the different local realities
  • The ability to create a model of the network with standard stores simplifies the mangement and assistance of the network by the supplier


The methodology is particularly effective when applied to large national groups with complex channels / customers / geographical areas, in realities arising from mergers of several local networks or in great tension moments between local suppliers and agents due to competitive pressures and/or renegotiation of the mandate.

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