MBS Consulting

MBS management consulting offers support to organisations for a wide range of services: strategy, transformation, change management and process improvement. Furthermore, innovative and data-driven solutions developed with our parent company enrich our approach towards “Solution Consulting”, a unique proposition on the market.

“Making things happen” is what we do best, the distinctive trait that the market has recognised us over the years. This is the reason why so many companies continue to choose us. We pursue the achievement of lasting results for our clients, leveraging the extensive  know-how and experience of our team of professionals.

However, first and foremost, our success is based on three stated and shared guiding principles: we always consider how business choices can impact all stakeholders in the enterprise and then ensure that changes are embraced and sustained over time; we keep the focus on mid-long term strategy, but also work to launch and maintain the pace of transformation on a daily basis; we always accept a direct and specific commitment to the outcomes to be delivered to our clients.

Multi-stakeholder approach

We identify and plan with clients solutions that consider the expectations and needs of all stakeholders. We work with both relevant decision makers and key operational resources in our client’s ecosystem, in order to ensure the lasting success of our initiatives.

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All consulting assignments require a solid approach to transformation to certainly achieve the expected results.

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Pact with client

We take on a specific commitment to the target results that we declare as achievable. We work with client resources to find solutions that can fit with the dynamics and capabilities of the specific company.

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We are a team of over 100 professionals with heterogeneous experiences and expertise. Our teams are a mixture of sectoral and functional experts: we strongly believe that cross-fertilization of competences across industries is crucial to ensure a broader and more integrated view of opportunities for our clients.

MBS assignments range from strategy, business planning, product innovation to sales effectiveness, process optimization, re-organizations and crash programs for EBITDA recovery.

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Financial Advisory

We support the optimization of corporate finance of companies
both in extraordinary phases and in the management of daily activities.

Risk Advisory

We support companies in managing risks,
turning them into a strategic element for value management and creation.