We support  banks with our result-driven approach, guiding them from strategy planning to accelerating the pace of digital transformation. We leverage a unique wealth of data and superior ability to really exploit their potential, to help banks to  gain competitive advantages in the innovation of their distribution and service models, in the design of new products and offers and in the advanced management of credits.

We prepare business plans to address the evolving market scenario and design business models to answer to new challenges, always combining the highest ambition with the actual resources to achieve it. We are entrepreneurs ourselves, not just consultants, thus we support clients in setting objectives ambitious and achievable.

We use advanced approaches to understand data, to identify business opportunities to be leveraged within the guidelines and growth plans set by clients. We use data and analytical models to enable banks to recognize the hidden potential of their customers and consequently define interventions to realize that value.

We accompany banks in the discontinuity caused by M&A, large scale reorganisation, providing our skills in the process of transition towards new integrated business models.

We help banks to identify the new business opportunities hidden in technology innovation and in opening up to new markets: we can support  market seizing, targeting customer segments and accompany banks in obtaining the business benefits of technological and regulatory transformation.

We design the products, pricing systems and offering models looking at state-of-art solutions, starting from understanding the needs and the distinctive value proposition of our client. We base our initiatives on the bank’s expected profit targets and we are directly engaged in the value creation.

We deliver a premium customer experience, designing services and interactions, starting from the positive impact they should have on each customer profile/personas. We create sophisticated customer journeys, leveraging the full potential of multichannel distribution models.

We develop business ecosystems that can comprise non-financial services, to monetise bank’s distribution and product assets. We create integrated and targeted product platforms and facilitate partnering models among actors.

We design offering models for growing welfare demand, creating service platforms that enable banks to become a key player in satisfying both families and firms needs.

We help industry players to guide  wealth management into the future, redesigning investment tools, advisory services and distribution models tailored  to customers with “more complex” needs.

We are a unique partner for commercial banks, leveraging our extensive knowledge of the corporate market and capability to provide a complete data ecosystem thanks to Cerved assets.

We design data-driven credit strategies to better assess customers’ riskiness, leveraging the Group’s unique information assets and integrating forward-looking approaches into the lending processes,

We accompany banks in their migration from traditional credit models (Originate to Hold) to an Originate to Distribute philosophy (special purpose vehicles, joint ventures, securitisation), to allow them to seize new business opportunities and govern risk more efficiently.

We integrate artificial intelligence and advanced analytics levers into credit ratings, for both performing and non-performing loans, and help banks to fine-tune their rating, scoring and early warning models and recovery strategies.

We design and implement fast lending platforms, to improve both efficiency and customer satisfaction without losing accuracy in risk governance.

We help banks to look at the digital economy with a strategic vision and a detailed and progressive transformation roadmap, prioritizing  actions  according to the benefits that can be transferred to the customers and the ability to reward investments in innovation.

We consider open banking and banking-as-a-platform as opportunities to expand the offering beyond financial services and to conquer new customer targets through alternative distribution platforms.

We design and implement data monetisation strategies through artificial intelligence and advanced analytics tools; we build data models to capture the business value  hidden in the relationship between different data ecosystems.

We redesign end-to-end processes and operational areas of banks,  leveraging digital state-of-art solutions and Agile and Lean approaches.