Energy & utilities

MBS has further expanded its expert offering through a new acquisition of REF-E, the energy sector specialists with over two decades’ experience of working with companies, institutions and investors in implementing decision-making processes.
We are ready and waiting to assist our clients in tackling the inherent strategic, organisational and operative challenges associated with energy transition. We are able to guarantee global benchmarking and delivery capabilities through our international partnership, The Transformation Alliance.

We provide our clients with a comprehensive analysis of their competition, relevant regulations, potential pricing scenarios, and support them in identifying investment opportunities and making the most important strategic decisions. We guarantee independence, professionalism and quality, relying on dialogue between companies and institutions in Italy and around the world.

The scenarios outlined by REF-E take the form of comprehensive and constantly updated market studies that offer short- and long-term assessments regarding future trends in the energy market. They provide a benchmark for reference and are in use today by the majority of investors and businesses in the market to predict the prices of electricity and gas. These predictions are then used to underpin business plans and asset valuations.

REF-E’s observatories (REF-E Energy Observatory, SSLNG Watch) and multi-client projects (E-Innovation Committee) promote and disseminate knowledge and encourage networking among firms in the sector through basic research, deep dives into areas of innovation, and meetings.

We support companies in evaluating and implementing new strategies to overcome the challenges associated with sustainability. Our services include:

  • industrial plans
  • identifying and evaluating business models, including cross-sector models (e.g., synergies with financial services)
  • due diligence and facilitating mergers and acquisitions
  • asset evaluation and investment opportunities (e.g., storage, hydrogen, capacity markets, energy communities)
  • regulatory impact assessment and support with regulatory authority relationships (sectoral regulation, antitrust)
  • portfolio strategies and support in structuring PPAs
  • commercial and negotiation strategies

We also help our clients to innovate and integrate coherent organisational models in support of strategic evolution, adopting an approach that is strongly geared towards co-creation. Among the services we offer:

  • innovative organisational models and support in implementing the change process
  • innovation models (such as innovation processes, open innovation etc…)
  • strategic training and leadership development programs

We combine specialist knowledge of the energy sector, advanced analytics and Cerved assets to create corporate performance optimisation plans with quantifiable impact metrics. Among the services we offer:

  • asset optimisation models;

Elfo++, the industry-leading simulation model for the electricity market,
CAST for simulations of the Italian capacity market,
BEST for optimal dispatch of electrical storage,
EU-GaMe for evaluation of gas assets,

  • commercial optimisation [sales excellence programs, targeting models, technology penetration prediction models (e.g., in the heating & cooling sector, electromobility etc…)]
  • organisational development in trading and energy management
  • price-optimisation strategies for regulated businesses and for participation in concession tenders (gas distribution, hydroelectric assets)
  • models for streamlining procurement and crash courses in EBIT recovery
  • development of strategic processes and credit optimisation models at every stage: approval, monitoring and management