Energy & utilities

We have been assisting the major companies in this sector since the market deregulation that started in Italy with the Bersani Decree. We have developed specific competencies along the Power & Gas supply chains and we stand ready to support our clients in addressing the strategic, organisational and operational challenges. Through our international alliance, The Transformation Alliance, we provide benchmarking and delivery services globally.

We have distinctive skills in the regulatory field  and in the analysis and forecasting of commodity markets, which are vital to address the challenges and the dynamics of the current context of energy transition.

We accompany our clients in defining sustainable industrial plans, through:

We contribute to optimize the ability to generate value, defining strategies for portfolio optimization and energy management.

We support M&A projects through our ability to find companies and assets across the European countries. Our vision of the market and our technical skills make us the ideal partner for the creation of business and commercial due diligences.

We design with our clients innovative Value Propositions in the Commodities and Behind-the-Meter areas; we integrate a strong marketing vision with an extensive knowledge of regulatory and commodities markets, to ensure robust revenue and cost stream assessments.

We support our clients in the design of business development strategies, integrating strong sector expertise, advanced analytics models and proprietary data. Our contribution to business development is articulated into three stages: market analysis, targeting and lead qualification and concerns  both for the supply of services and commodities, different client segments (C&I, condominiums, domestic residential). 

We offer clients our skills in the fintech, digital and credit management areas, in order to develop lean sales processes and efficient purchasing experiences.

We use Cerved’s specialist skills and assets to implement performance improvement plans in company processes that have a major financial impact.

Electricity, gas and water networks management: we provide support in efficiency and service quality improvement plans, using  operational expertise, advanced analytics and Cerved’s distinctive data on the Italian industrial footprint. Thanks to our strong regulatory expertise, we provide support in tariff optimization , with concrete targets of EBITDA and RAB improvement.

Credit: we support our clients in the implementation of high-performing organisations, processes and models for the acceptance, monitoring and management of credit; the modelling and data resources of Cerved allow us to offer innovative solutions supported by the digital factor and to implement end-to-end credit management models.

Procurement Excellence: we adopt an internationally proven approach, with over 100 interventions every year, aimed at strengthening the organizational structure and developing procurement strategies. In-depth assessments of the supplier base are made possible thanks to Cerved’s wealth of information on the economic, reputational and relational aspects of companies.