Financial Advisory

Our pragmatic approach is aimed at providing the company with support until concrete and sustainable long term results are achieved. We provide companies with comprehensive Business Finance support, whether they’re enjoying periods of growth and development, or are experiencing financial stress and crises.

Business Planning

  • We work with the management to develop the Business Plan (historical data analysis, reference market trends and competitors, strategic guidelines, action plan, economic and financial forecasts), assisting them in presenting the plan to their shareholders and other stakeholders (lending partners, potential investors, and banks).
  • We help the management determine the key interim monitoring processes (budgeting and forecasting).


Finance and M&A

  • We help companies analyse and optimise their liability structures (by obtaining new bank credit lines, seeking out potential investors and/or lenders, minibonds, subsidised loans, and equity and/or semi-equity instruments).
  • We assist our customers with the M&A processes during both the purchasing and sales phases (from the scouting phase, to the preparation of the documentation, the management of the due-diligence process, and the conclusion of the contracts).



  • We assist the management with the preparation of the liquidity plan and all the related processes (dashboard, interim review, liquidity forecasting, etc.).


Management control

  • We assist the planning and control departments with the preparation of the analytical accounting processes and with management control (e.g. marginality analysis by business line/geography, control dashboard).


Credit Management

  • We help determine the processes for analysing, controlling, and monitoring our customers’ commercial credit (determination of the guidelines, credit quality analysis, collections management, etc.).


  • We conduct a detailed analysis of the company’s situation from an economic and financial standpoint, and propose various possible scenarios for resolving their temporary financial stresses and/or crisis situations, providing the management and shareholders with all the necessary decision-making support.


Turnaround plan

  • We assist the company’s management with the preparation of a turnaround plan (alteration of the business model, cost-cutting plan, review of the operating structure and processes).


Debt restructuring

  • We help companies carry out debt restructuring operations, managing every aspect of the entire process (contacting creditors, managing the negotiations, support in obtaining the new loan) and coordinating all the various stakeholders involved (lawyers, accountants, and any Judicial bodies).
  • Thanks to our decades of experience in the field, we’re extremely familiar with all the legal procedures for the management of business crises (Art. 67.182.bis, Arrangement with Creditors).