Institutions & Public Administration

In the wake of the Covid-19 health emergency, public institutions have been working to protect the production system, support employment levels and safeguard the living conditions of families and social cohesion of the country as a whole. They are making   complex decisions that will have permanent consequences for the country’s development model.

In this situation, it is not only crucial to make decisions and implement them rapidly but also measure the economic, social and environmental impacts of the current crisis and of the countermeasures taken.

For public institutions and administrations at all levels – government and central state agencies, regional and local authorities– we have developed skills and a data-driven consulting approach that meets specific needs.

We support the public administration in assessing the impact of the crisis, in analysing the fragilities and risks of the production system and the territory, and in identifying the most critical areas on which to take action.

Cerved supports us  by providing an integrated ecosystem of information on Italian companies and territory, based on a set of economic, social and environmental indicators.

We develop impact analysis and simulation models focused on the specific features of the territory, in order to quantify the needs and identify the most efficient projects to ensure sustainable growth.

We work with the public administration to design models of territorial intervention and help identify efficient, rapid, objective and transparent implementation methods.

We simulate the economic, social and environmental impacts of public interventions on the production system and on the territory, in order to identify priorities and to plan the objectives and the investments, thus maximising the returns for the communities.

We provide support in the development of plans and implementation procedures of  projects and actions; we organise the impact control and recurrent monitoring system, in order to direct the actions correctly and continuously, in order to achieve the established objectives.


We support the public administration in dealing with the crisis, by developing projects to relaunch the country’s sustainable growth through:

  1.   the development of innovative territorial welfare systems;
  2.   digital transformation and technological innovation;
  3.   data-driven innovation.