MBS guiding principles


We identify and plan with clients solutions that consider the expectations and needs of all stakeholders. We work with both relevant decision makers and key operational resources in our client’s ecosystem, in order to ensure the lasting success of our initiatives.

Contributing to sustainable business growth has always been the MBS mission and, thus, our multi-stakeholder approach represents a coherent expression of MBS’s primary purpose.

We believe that, in order to build and maintain a strong competitive position, enterprises must necessarily look at all the interests in their ecosystem, not just those of the shareholders, and take decisions from a “Shared Value” perspective as top of mind.

This is why, in each business transformation journey , we identify and plan solutions with clients through a proven method known as “multi-stakeholder approach”, aimed at engaging all key players for stable and lasting success of projects’ initiatives.

Thanks to the “multi-stakeholder approach”:

  • it is easier to achieve milestones on time  and on budgeted, because it enables pre-emptive management of potential roadblocks related to mismatched stakeholders priorities;
  • new business opportunities can easily emerge, through the involvement of customers and suppliers in business planning;
  • the company’s reputation and therefore the stability of business, is sustained, by adopting a transparent approach;
  • the ability to attract capital increases, because of the growing  focus of investors on creating stable economic and financial value over time.


All consulting assignments require a solid approach to transformation to certainly achieve the expected results.

Transformation is embedded in each problem definition we face in our projects. In our more than 30 years of experience, we have dealt with business  discontinuities, such as post M&A phases, the launch of new functions/business units, the reorganisation of entire company’s areas or changes in distribution channels. We have also found that, whatever the focus of the assignment, an emphasis on change management is essential to its success.


This is why our consultants are not just masters in specific industries or topics, but also “change agents”, who actively work with client’s people and transfer appropriate methods and attitudes to embrace the incoming transformation. 

We bring a true “art of transformation” to our clients: our collaborative, friendly and distinctive approach makes us the ideal partner to support complex transformation processes.


We have developed robust transformation methodologies with our colleagues in the TTA, The Transformation Alliance. We can support different moments  in the evolution journey of companies with specific approaches:

  • diagnostics (Transformation Potential Assessment);
  • co-design and rapid prototyping of solutions (LABO);
  • change commitment/resistance management (CIKI);
  • effectiveness of transformation implementation (Transformation Scorecard).

Pact with client

We take on a specific commitment to the target results that we declare as achievable. We work with client resources to find solutions that can fit with the dynamics and capabilities of the specific company.

We accept a specific commitment on the results and consider the way we work with our clients a “real pact”, stronger  than a simple contract or a mandate 

That is why, from the beginning to the end of a project, we work to:

  • seek solutions that are consistent, sustainable and reflect client’s history and capabilities;
  • be an integral part of the company’s transformation process, not just in the planning phase, but throughout the entire implementation;
  • be flexible during our assignment, being prepared to change the scope and goal  based on the client’s actual needs, which may change in terms of priorities and effort required;
  • share responsibility for the results. Our work only ends when the client is satisfied with the goal achieved through our contribution.