Products & Manufacturing

We work with operators in all the main sectors of the Italian manufacturing industry (automotive, food, chemicals, consumer goods, publishing, retail etc.). By joining the Cerved ecosystem, we have added complementary assets to our offering, creating new solutions to support our clients in improving business performance and efficiency of processes and operating models.

We offer our assistance services to both large multinational groups and to the medium-sized companies that represent  the heart of Italy’s manufacturing sector.

We support our clients in declining their Brand values and Identity  in each touchpoint of the customer relationship, using a variety of distinctive methods developed with the The Transformation Alliance network (such as the Signature Relationelle®).

We can offer a broad range of services: scouting for partners, declining partnering  and collaboration models, performing business due diligence and business planning to support M&A.

Thanks to the  Innovation Team, we can carry out specific surveys on consumer purchasing behaviour, to identify current trends and understand how to monetise our clients’ assets to develop products and service offering.

We work with our clients to design new multichannel Go-to-Market models, that serve both to conquer new market segments and to provide a more consistent/efficient online-offline Customer Experience.

We create growth plans for B2B and B2C distribution performance, through new approaches to customer portfolio management and prospect scouting, supported by Cerved’s Sales Intelligence (prospecting, lead generation & qualification, etc.).

We design plans to optimize  the network territorial coverage, also using the unique assets of the Cerved Group, such as models and data for the analysis of the attractiveness of local markets.

We also support companies in their internationalisation projects, especially in Europe, defining entry strategies into new markets, competitive positioning and development models, also by searching for local partners.

We support our clients in EBITDA Recovery plans that explore all potential areas of corporate profit margin recovery, both in the Supply Chain & Operations area and in the General Services area.

Together with Cerved, we have developed “quick-diagnostics” that allow us to explore, in extremely short times, the levers to optimise profit and mitigate financial risks, exploiting Cerved Group’s information assets: observatories on over 300 industrial supply chains, prompt benchmarking of balance sheet indicators and advanced risk assessment models.

We work alongside companies in planning, implementing  and transforming specific areas of intervention in the S&OP area, such as reducing the SKU complexity, improving  the integrated planning of procurement flows and logistics, optimising inventory management and operating capital.

We have developed specific skills in the optimisation of stock assortments on branded retail chains, through the use of dynamic algorithms that simplify and optimise restocking and store transfer.

We are experts in Procurement and we work on performance improvement projects in the major industrial sectors in Italy and Europe, thanks to the Transformation Alliance (Procurement Excellence practices): our activities combine a strong focus on objectives with a concurrent  attention to sustainable choices for the procurement system.