Our People

MBS is more than just a workplace. It is a stimulating environment, in which cooperation and respect produce value. We all have different experiences and profiles, but we share the same professional principles and the same values. Anyone who knows us appreciates the presence of a collaborative and participative model that is not often seen in management consultancy. MBS is recognised by its clients as a united group, made of professionally responsible people with a touch of humanity and a strong propensity for listening and dialogue.

Our Partners

Paolo Ceresi
Paolo Ceresi

Paolo is current Ceo of MBS and Board Member of The Transformation Alliance european network. He manages strategic and corporate transformation projects with keen expertise in banking and insurance, telco and information technology. After graduating in Information Sciences in Milan, he began his career in consultancy in 1990. He spent two years at Andersen Consulting, then he joined MBS Consulting in 1992.


Federico Scotti
Federico Scotti

Federico is MBS account leader in many Insurance groups operating in Italy. He directly leads projects on  organizational change, turnaround programs and performance improvement. Federico began his career in 1997, straight at MBS Consulting, after graduating in Economics at Milan’s Bocconi University.

Andrea Ziglioli
Andrea Ziglioli

Andrea is MBS account leader for relevant country-wide firms, especially in the insurance, banking and asset management sectors, in Italy as well as abroad. He leads projects focused on business modeling and re-organization. Andrea has rolled out his professional career entirely in MBS Consulting, that he joined in 1998 after graduating in Economics at Milan’s Bocconi University.


Matteo Reguzzoni
Matteo Reguzzoni

Matteo is an expert in large transformation projects, performance improvement and change management for corporate organization, at a global scale, with a strong focus in the energy and utilities sector. He is a board member of The Transformation Alliance european network. Graduated in engineering both at Politecnico di Milano and at École Centrale de Lille, he joined MBS after working in the software industry in the USA.


Giovanni Meroni
Giovanni Meroni

He has developed several collaborations with leading Italian insurance and bancassurance companies, in particular on distribution issues and performance improvement projects. He has lead projects in the retail, FMCG and new media domains. Giovanni has spent his professional career entirely at MBS, where he landed in 2000 after getting a degree in Business Administration at Carlo Cattaneo University in Castellanza.

Alessandro d’Adda
Alessandro d’Adda

Alessandro focuses mainly on industrial plans, integration projects, corporate reorganizations and change management in the financial services sector. At MBS since 2009, he began his career as a consultant in 2000 at Bain & Company in London, developing specific skills on strategy and M&A. Previously, he worked at Halliburton UK in the Oil & Gas engineering sector. He graduated in Management Engineering at Politecnico di Milano.

Antonio Vella
Antonio Vella

Antonio deals with important strategic projects in the banking and financial sector. In his career he assisted executives in tangibly value generating initiatives. His expertise spans from banking transparency and regulation at a general level, to commercial, marketing and pricing models and projects. He got in the financial services domain in 2001, prior to joining MBS in 2015. After graduating in Economics at Bocconi University, Antonio had a direct experience in banking and corporate finance.

Sergio Battaglini
Sergio Battaglini

He has distinctive expertise in the pricing and products domain and in the Private Banking and Asset Management industry. He has assisted large companies in the financial sector, both in Italy and abroad, on industrial plans, post-merger integrations, product development and organizational change. Sergio began his career in consulting in 2004, directly in MBS, after graduating in Economics at Milan’s Bocconi University.

Umberto Bellorini
Umberto Bellorini

Umberto, an expert in Financial Services and Risk Management, joined MBS in 2020. He has worked with the main players of the Italian banking sector, supporting particularly in recent years turnaround projects in Non Performing credit management and digitialization. He devoted his expertise in risk management to support also large industrial players in relevant projects. After graduating in Economics at Milan’s Bocconi University in 2003, he began his career at Accenture and then, after working for Italease, he moved to Bain & Co., where in 2018 he became a Partner.

Maurizio Valsecchi
Maurizio Valsecchi

He is an expert in strategic, organizational and actuarial management consulting, mainly in the insurance sector. Maurizio joined Innovation Team in 2014, after serving at Mckinsey, Value Partners, Tillinghast – Towers Perrin (now Willis Towers Watson), where he was Managing Partner, and Swiss RE, as Managing Director.

Enea Dallaglio
Enea Dallaglio

He has managed several strategy and offer system development projects, always devoting to the principle to correlate the change of business models to the evolution of needs and social behaviors. In recent years he has focused mainly on corporate sustainability and on the newly-born welfare industry. In 2013, in partnership with MBS Consulting, he founded Innovation Team. Previously he was general manager of IRSA, Institute for Insurance Research and Development, and CEO of IAMA Consulting.

Francesco Sgobio
Francesco Sgobio

Fabio has twenty years of experience of financial institutions, where his main areas of expertise relate to pricing, analytics and distribution & commercial issues. He joined Innovation Team in 2015, while previously working both in consultancies (at Towers Watson and before that in Value Partners) as well as in corporates (he served as Planning and Commercial Control Responsible and then Sales Manager at Sara Assicurazioni). Francesco graduated in Business Administration at Bocconi University in Milan.

Alina Fantozzi
Alina Fantozzi

Since 2013 in Innovation Team, Alina works mainly on insurance projects in the Motor sector. After graduating in mathematics, Alina began her market research activity in AGB-Nielsen, then she spent most of her career at IAMA Consulting, where she was a partner, and dedicated herself to analysis and monitoring of the insurance and financial sector.

Fabio Orsi
Fabio Orsi

Fabio leads research activities on products, consumers and distribution and assists in reorganization and innovation of distribution models, multichannel and digitialization projects. Fabio has gained a deep knowledge in the financial sector, developing know-how on commercial and insurance marketing issues. Fabio is one of the founders of Innovation Team. Previously he worked as a consultant and researcher at Iama Consulting.

Andrea Silvello
Andrea Silvello

Andrea joined MBS in 2021, as Senior Advisor to the Financial Advisory team. 20 years of experience in the consulting field: first in Boston Consulting Group, then in Bain & Company and since 2012 as Founder and Managing Director of Business Support Spa, a financial advisory, banks’ agency & financial services boutique. Andrea is an expert in corporate finance, restructuring and turnaround issues. Since 2005 he has successfully completed dozens of operations in various industrial sectors for small, medium and large companies. Andrea graduated in Business Administration at the University of Turin and in International Management at the University of Lyon with a Master in Industrial Strategy at the Sorbonne University in Paris.

Claudia Checchi
Claudia Checchi

Claudia has more than two decades of consulting experience in the energy markets, during which time she has overseen countless projects for businesses, institutions and associations and developed an unparalleled knowledge of the sector. She is the director of the REF-E Energy Observatory, one of the leading Italian think-tanks dedicated to energy and energy transition, and is an expert in energy asset evaluation, regulatory impact analysis, and public and incentivisation policy, providing strategic decision-making support for various firms and investors. She holds a PhD from the doctoral program in economics and management at the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa and is a lecturer in the economics of energy at the Catholic University of Milan.

Virginia Canazza
Virginia Canazza

Virginia is a recognised expert in energy markets. She supports clients in a wide range of areas: strategic investment, corporate planning, trading optimisation, risk analysis and management, contract negotiations, legal and antitrust proceedings, and regulatory and institutional affairs. She coordinates the E-Innovation Committee (in 2019-2020 the PPA Committee), an initiative designed to assess the sustainability of investments in energy transition and to draft policy proposals, and is also involved in numerous projects dedicated to innovative business models for renewable energy and energy storage. She is an electrical engineer and a lecturer in “Energy Markets and Supply Structure” at the University of Pavia- Faculty of Engineering. She was the CEO of REF-E from April 2018 to June 2021.


Paolo Marino
Paolo Marino

Paolo works with clients in the electricity and gas markets, providing market analysis and asset evaluation, creating business models and growth strategies and organisational development in trading and risk management. He works in both mature markets as well as markets in the process of reorganisation, with several past projects in the Balkans. He has also served as a market expert in numerous court cases. He graduated in social and economic studies from the Bocconi University and has a master’s degree in mathematical economics from the University of Toulouse. Before joining REF-E and now MBS, he worked at various consulting firms, most notably serving as the director of Pöyry Management Consulting Italy from 2006-2018.

The Team

Sara Santoro
Stefano Carnelli
Matteo Gianesini
Giorgia Assouad
Matteo Feroldi
Gian Luigi Borasio
Francesca Germani
Diego Schiavi
Chiara Bonomelli
Fabio Motisi
Luca Annunziata
Cristina Robu
Davide Radwan
Cristina Bassu
Andrea Carbè
Camilla Pescatori
Vito Pagliaccio
Andrea Candida
Milena Ruggeri
Carlo Cardinali
Claudio Fortunati
Daniele Cirelli
Deodato Ceci Ginistrelli
Antonio Zaffiro
Donato Esposito
Edoardo Bertozzi
Edoardo De Santis
Fabio Sgobio
Francesco Isola
Chiara Camboni
Giuseppe Luongo
Giuseppe Virzì
Daniela Borella
Jacopo Bettonte
Lorenzo Lucchinelli
Elena Le Rose
Luca Bisagni
Marcello Pugliese
Emilia Arioli
Mattia Macaluso
Giuliana Di Rito
Mattia Varano
Maverick Ghidoni
Michele Marchesi
Laura Spizzico
Nicola Moramarco
Nicola Viviano
Nicolò Bellavitis
Silvia Bonora
Nicolò Tosana
Stefano Colombo
Valentina Manli
Gioele Minicucci
Gabriele Marcelli
Piermario di Leonardo
Maria Grazia Basta
Angelo Nunnari
Domenico Ambrogio
Lorenzo Cassamagnago
Davide Castaldi
Simona Gaeta
Lorenzo Pozzoli
Alessandro Caminiti
Andrea Di Nisio
Roxana Martin
Davide Guizzo
Alessandra Fanciullo
Ilaria Concas
Edoardo Reggiori
Ion Culicovschi
Maria Giuri
Vito Guarino
Eleonora Albano
Chiara Vanelli
Fabio Grattoni
Daniele Cardinali
Niccolò Palagini
Antonio Leone
Mauro Gjekaj
Luca Carpi
Marco Buzzago
Valentina Gorbini
Alberto Anello
Francesco Martello
Giovanni Plicato
Andrea Vaccaro
Francesco Morroni
Federico Benci
Luca Schembri
Gabriele Guidi
Irene Lionello
Alessandra Rosa
Eugenio Casadei
Valentina Bruni
Giampiero Culotta
Greta D’Ascanio
Marco Cagna
Giorgia Bezzecchi
Filippo Zanobini

Beyond professionals

A group of people who work together on demanding projects, with creativity and personal input, becomes, day after day, a small community in which traditions, habits and shared initiatives gradually take shape and a healthy and happy environment is created.