A united team

Our experiences and profiles are various, but we all share the same professional principles and act under the same set of values. This is the base on which we build our relationships with people and the professional growth of our younger consultants.

The new business dynamics in a company are increasingly based on collective intelligence and the ability of the team to share motivation, values, ideas and projects. We have developed a new way of working together, which goes beyond the internal competition concept by facilitating the exchange of knowledge and responsibility. We strongly believe that teams always win on individuals. A model we want to share with our clients to help building effective and pro-active organizations.


MBS believes team work is a key principle that allowed us to “take off” in recent years and undertake a dimensional migration; a dimensional jump to be experienced with humility and balance without forgetting what we have achieved so far and where we are coming from.

Recent years have been years of high growth, both in terms of structures and volumes, against all market trends in the sector. The reasons behind this growth are to be found in the great dedication of our team and the high quality level of our service to clients, the true added value of MBS.

Constant attention to sustainability principles, team work and work/private life balance represent our DNA.


Andrea Rapaccini
Consultant since 1990, Andrea is an expert on development and strategic change. He has directed complex projects for public authorities, municipalities and large private groups, mainly in the fields of energy, insurance and consumer goods. He began working in 1985 at Unilever and in 1988 he moved to GS supermarkets Marketing Department, EMS Group. In 1990 he joined McKinsey & Co. then in 1993 he was one of the 19 Value Partners founders. Since 2000 he’s been part of MBS Consulting management team.
He is also Chairman of Make a Change, a movement for the promotion of social business in Italy.


Paolo Ceresi
Paolo has been working as a consultant since 1992. He has worked on several strategic and organizational projects, gaining extensive experience in banking, insurance, telecommunications, engineering, and information technology. He graduated in Information Science, in Milan. He began his career as a consultant at Andersen Consulting, Industrial Division Operations Group in Milan. He has joined MBS Consulting in 1993. He is a board member of TTA European network (The Transformation Alliance) on behalf of MBS Consulting.


Federico Scotti
Federico began working for MBS Consulting in 1997, right after graduating in Economics at Bocconi University in Milan. He has worked with several of the largest groups operating in Italy, particularly in the insurance sector. He has faced mainly major reorganization and performance improvement projects, in the insurance, banking and asset management sectors. He is the main Partner for the Rome headquarters.


Andrea Ziglioli
Andrea has played his entire career in MBS Consulting, which he joined in 1998. After graduating in Economics from Bocconi University in Milan. He has coordinated projects for major national players especially the insurance, banking and asset management sectors, carrying out several reorganizational and performance improvement projects in Italy and abroad.


Matteo Reguzzoni
He graduated in engineering at Politecnico di Milano and Ecole Centrale de Lille, before joining MBS after different experiences in the American software industry and at Politecnico di Milano. At MBS Matteo follows important organization, performance improvement and change management projects in Italy and abroad, particularly in the energy and finance sector.


Giovanni Meroni
He joins MBS in 2000, after having graduated in Business Administration at Carlo Cattaneo University. Giovanni Meroni has developed his whole career within the company. In the early years of consultancy Giovanni has gained a broad experience in the field of new media and energy business. Over the years he has worked on a number of projects for leading Italian insurance companies.


Alessandro d’Adda
Alessandro joins MBS in 2009 where he mainly works on business plans, integration projects, corporate reorganizations and change management in the financial sector. Graduated in Management Engineeering at Politecnico di Milano, he starts working at Halliburton UK in the engineeering Oil & Gas sector. He starts his career as consultant in 2000 in Bain & Co, in London and then in Italy, where he develops a specific expertise on strategy and M&A.

Antonio Vella
Graduated in Economics at Bocconi University in Milan, in 2001 Antonio starts working in financial services. After a first banking experience he faces the financial sector and afterwards joins business consulting. In more than 15 years Antonio has gained experience and a broad knowledge within the financial sector, particularly banks and investment companies. He has developed distinctive skills within commercial and marketing areas and specifically within regulatory models connected to pricing sector, and transparency. He has joined MBS in 2015 where he deals with important strategical projects in banking and finance sectors.


Marco Brandirali
Marco joined MBS in 2017, after working both as an independent advisor and an executive at major consulting firms such as Accenture, Capgemini Consulting, EY. In his over fifteen years career path, he specialized mainly in the broader financial services industry, focusing on distribution models, on digital transformation, on customer centricity. He contributed to several pan-european large transformation programs, where he developed strategic view, change management skills and technology insight. He is a keynote speaker and research projects lead for EFMA. Marco graduated in Economic History at the University of Milan, and passionately applies his humanistic background to understanding client’s needs.