Change management

The Company is in constant interaction with a constantly evolving market. Understanding when it is time to re-think the Company’s model or its business model, systematically dealing with the process of change identification and implementation, represents today a key skill that will determine the future of the Company itself.

When change requires a concentration of the efforts, our clients will find us right by their side in all the important phases: from the identification of the opportunities to the design of the solutions and the operative implementation of the interventions, providing constant training and support to the management.

Change management represents the sum of techniques and activities which are functional to operatively modify the organizational behavior of a Company.
Over the last years companies have significantly improved their ability to define goals and strategies. At the same time persists the need to better draw the trajectories of change of the organization and to be assisted in the coordinated management of all the variables affecting the change itself. The constant changes in the market and in the informative systems (e.g. separations of physical networks and infrastructures from commercial agreements, liberalization of some economic sectors, market globalization..) require the companies to develop the ability of design and ongoing management of changes; knowing techniques of change management and understanding how to integrate them in their company’s “business as usual” has therefore become an increasingly important skill.