Pact with the client

At the beginning of each collaboration we take a commitment to the Client, which goes beyond a simple formal agreement. It is a true professional pact that commits us to:

  • Seek consistent solutions according to the company’s energies, respecting its history and experience heritage that coexist within the company itself.
  • Be an integral part of the change process, not only at the design level, but also on the whole operative path, granting the interaction between teams of consultants and the human resources of the Client’s company.
  • Grant full flexibility over the assistance process, being able to re-plan our scope and effort based on the true needs of the Client, which can be remodeled in terms of intensity and priority at all times.
  • Share responsibilities on results. Our job ends only when the Client is satisfied with the goals achieved through our assistance. In other words, when the value generated by our intervention is clearly greater than the investment required.